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Who do I contact if I’m interested in having a Costa Self-Serve Coffee Bar at my location?

Please call 877-77-COSTA or send an e-mail to us at costa.support@coca-cola.com. Please include your geographic location(s), channel of business and any information you can share about your current coffee offering.

What are the minimum requirements to have a Costa Self-Serve Coffee Bar?

We are typically looking for locations that will sell at least 40 cups per day.

Can I purchase a Costa Self-Serve Coffee Bar?

No, the one-of-a-kind Costa Self-Serve Coffee Bar is only available from Costa US.


Can I purchase the Mocha Italia blend of beans in the US?

Not yet. But we know lots of people would love to enjoy the taste of a Costa Coffee at home, so stay tuned!

What kind of coffee beans are used in the Costa Self-Serve Coffee Bar?

We use a signature blend of beans that we call the Mocha Italia blend. This is the same blend of beans that our founders, Sergio and Bruno Costa, used after experimenting with over 100 different blends and roasts, and it is the same blend you can find in our 4000 stores and 9500 Costa Self-Serve Coffee Bars around the world. The beans are always among the finest beans available around the world, and they always come from farms that are Rainforest Alliance certified.


Where can I find a Costa Self-Serve Coffee Bar?

At present, we are starting to place Costa Self-Serve Coffee Bars in the Washington DC/Baltimore, Dallas and Atlanta areas. We expect to continue to expand our geographic footprint throughout 2020 and beyond.

Are there Costa Self-Serve Coffee Bars outside the United States?

Yes, there are almost 9500 machines in 9 countries around the world, but the great majority of our machines are in the UK, where Costa Coffee has been one of Europe’s most popular cups.

Technical Issues

I have a Costa Self-Serve Coffee Bar and it needs service. Who do I call?

Please call 844-55-COSTA. We have representatives waiting to help you.